Mutual Exchange (Swapping your Home)

If you have been a tenant with Rosemary Simmons for longer than 12 months, and you are not in rent arrears, you have the right to exchange your home with another social housing tenant, this is a Mutual Exchange. The other person can be a tenant with us or a tenant with another housing association or with a council, anywhere in the UK.
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We are a member of HomeSwapper; the UK’s largest register of social housing tenants looking to swap (or exchange) their home. Registration on Homeswapper is free for all Rosemary Simmons residents; it allows you to search for properties of similar size and respective location to your current home, to swap with someone else anywhere in the country.

When you find someone to swap your home with you need to apply in writing (by letter or e-mail) to Rosemary Simmons to seek formal permission for the exchange to go ahead. The other tenant will need to apply to their landlord as well. You must not proceed with any move until formal permission by both landlords has been given.

You should make sure that you are entirely happy with the condition of the other property by undertaking your own inspection of each room. Rosemary Simmons and the other landlord involved are unlikely to agree to later rectify any disrepair problems identified after the exchange has taken place.

Upon receipt of your application to exchange we will arrange to inspect your property. We have a maximum of 42 days to consider your application and will not refuse it without very good reason.

Reasons for possibly refusing an exchange include:

  • A tenant is under a Notice of Seeking Possession or legal proceedings have begun.
  • A property is adapted or designed to help a disabled tenant and the incoming tenant does not require this.
  • A property is much too large or too small for either tenant.

Where a tenant owes rent arrears we may give approval for the exchange to proceed on condition that the whole debt is repaid before the exchange actually takes place.

Please contact us for more information and advice about how to apply for a mutual exchange.